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Cash Management

Manage your business with Pacific City Bank’s secure Cash Management Services. Get secure access to financial information at your fingertips, stay informed at any given time, and run your business more effectively and efficiently.

Remote Deposit1

Pacific City Bank offers a remote deposit service to qualified business customers3. Scan checks directly to your account 24/72. The automatic check scanner feature makes depositing fast and simple.

  • Deposit single or multiple checks from your business
  • Search past checks by number, amount, date, name, etc.
  • Access to the Cash Management service also provides account balance, transaction history, and fund transfers. Qualified business customers can also access advanced online solutions such as ACH and Wire origination

ACH Origination

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is a highly reliable and efficient, batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system. Sign up for ACH service with Pacific City Bank and reduce costs while using a trusted source for disbursing funds.

Wire Origination

Send funds quickly and securely with Pacific City Bank’s Wire Origination Services. Initiate wires online from your office via our secure Cash Management service.

Positive Pay4

Positive Pay is an anti-fraud service which protects companies from becoming victims of altered checks and counterfeit check activity.

How it Works
  • A company will issue checks.
  • The company will then upload a file to the Positive Pay secure website detailing the amount, check number, etc.
  • When the Bank receives the item for payment, the system will verify the check(s) with the information the company uploaded.

For More Help

Remote Control Support

Pacific City Bank is here to help resolve problems faster with the Remote Control Support. Dedicated representatives will help you solve your technical problems as quickly as possible.

Customer Support Messenger

Instantly connect with a live representative to answer your e-banking questions with Online Live Chat support. Live Chat is also available via Mobile Banking.

1 A monthly service fee will apply.
2 Transaction fees and other types of fees associated with your checking account still apply. Contract required. Requires internet access and internet service fees may apply.
3 Remote Deposit posting cutoff time is 5 P.M. PST. Generally, full funds will be available for withdrawal the next business day.
4 A monthly service fee will apply.